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How we make it happen

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1999 - 2000 a watershed year for Wolfeboro Cross Country

The new warmup hut pictured at completion in January, 2000 (minus the paint) is a good example of what WCCSA Volunteers can do to make things happen for our organization. Over 30 people of all ages and backgrounds pitched in to build this combination Piston Bully Shed/Warmup Hut to enable protection and maintenance of our new Piston Bully and increase the popularity of the Sewall Woods Area by giving skiers a place to relax while enjoying our 30 + kilometers of quality ski and snowshoe trails at Sewall Woods and Abeanki. 

This is a story of how the members of the Wolfeboro Cross Country Ski Association with the co-operation of the Town of Wolfeboro have created and maintained The Cross Country Trail System that we have today.

In 1983 the Wolfeboro Cross Country Ski Association (WCCSA) was formed. This Association is non profit and separate from Nordic Skier Sports and services both the Sewall Woods and Abenaki area.

The Objectives of WCCSA is to:

The scope of activities have been outlined on the menu bar above. Choose "Our Trails" and you will get an overview of our present trail system. Sewall Woods and Abenaki History is under development. In the future, you will will be able to view these items and get some idea as to what has been and is being done to bring Quality Cross Country Skiing to Wolfeboro.